The giants stared at me … I felt small, I felt weak, I felt unprofessional.
To be sucked like a little guy. I was worried that people are watching me.
I was trying to wear platform shoes, but I ran like a penguin (women wearing high heels take on talent).

Fortunately, Brock McGoff, founder of The Modest Man, taught me to dress as a successful leader so I could look taller and more stylish.

Here are eight style tips to make you look cool and fashionable:

1. Fit comes first
Wearing loose clothing makes you look short and weak. Wear only clothes that fit your body. You will look bigger and stronger.

2. Being well dressed makes you more confident
I was nervous that people would think I was too young and would not take myself seriously. And I discovered that my age was not the problem; The problem was my clothes. With a white T-shirt, light blue jeans and Converse sneakers, I looked like a high school student. Being the best-dressed person in the room makes you more confident. People will take you more seriously and see you as a professional.

3. Wear pants mid-high
If you’re not Jeremy Lin, the low-rise pants will make you look shorter. I bet you do not want to look like a minion … or hobbit. Wear medium or even high pants to keep your body in balance.

4. You can look smart … without a tie
Wearing a tie is a pain … especially in summer. Do you have an occasional networking event at the bar? Throw your tie. Put on your black T-shirt, your sports jacket, and your dark jeans. You will look smart and you will feel good.

5. Do not forget the shoes
Your clothes are how you present yourself: be professional. With Adidas sneakers, you look boring and forgetful. Wearing high-quality shoes will make you unforgettable. I have eight pairs of Dr. Ing. Martins, Clarks, and Timberland. Choose your favorite brand and choose the best shoes.

6. Fill your bag with squares
Did you see how Hollywood movie stars put a fabric-like fabric in their jacket pocket? This is a tissue. Wearing a tissue will help you get off the ground. It’s time to become a movie star and deliver your message efficiently and confidently.

7. Know your color
I do not speak about the color of the skin. I am talking about the colors that suit you.
There are two shades: hot and cold. To know your color, ask yourself:
Do you burn easily in the sun? If so, your hue is cool.
Do you look better in money compared to gold? If so, is your color cool (And yes, I love money … it’s fine with me.)
If you know your color, you can choose the colors that suit you. For example, the cold color is blue and the color is hot orange.

8. Quality, quality, quality
Wearing clothes is like making friends … Quality matters more than quantity. It’s better to have three great outfits than 30 bad outfits. Choose your clothes wisely.

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